Mail Services

Mail Services is a vital communication link between Arizona State University and the outside community. Our reliable, friendly team picks up, delivers and processes incoming/outgoing mail, providing responsible, efficient, cost effective, quality customer service.

The Polytechnic Campus Mail Center is located on the corner of Texas Ave. and Williams Campus Loop East.

Hours of Operations
Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Saturday/Sunday: Closed

Contact Information
Phone: (480) 727-1136
Fax: (480) 727-1138
Kevin Hunter, Mail Clerk Lead
Deborah Denson, Mail Clerk
Debra Kreuter, Mail Clerk


On-campus mail
On-campus mail for the Polytechnic campus is distributed and collected daily at department and unit locations by ASUP Mail Services staff.

Intercampus Mail
Intercampus Mail is correspondence contained in either the small or large official ASU intercampus envelopes. The ASUP Mail Services staff picks up intercampus mail from the Tempe Campus each morning and delivers to departments the following morning. Boxes requiring delivery between one department to another do not qualify as intercampus mail. Contact ASU’s Courier Service for pricing and pick up/delivery of any boxes 480-965-1263.

Direct Hand Delivery
Direct Hand Delivery of items to the Tempe campus will be provided if the campus envelope is clearly marked "HAND DELIVER to ________". If not marked correctly, the mail will go through university mail services and may be delayed a day or two. The delivery locations are USB, which includes Accounts Payable, Benefits, Human Resources, Mail Services, Office of Diversity, Stores, Sponsored Projects, Travel, Student Services Building-on Thursdays for Financial Aid and Telephone Services if needed, although not a regular stop.

Student Mail
ASUP Mail Services does NOT deliver student mail. Mail Box Units are available to students at the Polytechnic Campus Mail Center through Williams Campus Housing. The mail for the residence halls is sorted and delivered by William Campus Housing.

United States Postal Service
United States Postal Service (USPS) provides daily delivery of all in-coming Polytechnic campus mail to the Mail Center. The USPS will deliver mail for occupants of the North Desert Village, West Desert Village and South Desert Village six (6) days per week. The mail will be delivered to postal cluster boxes located in the villages. All other mail for the Polytechnic campus, including tenants, will be delivered to the Polytechnic Campus Mail Center. Additional information about ASU Mail Services through our Tempe campus location is available at

Postage and Small Packages
Small mailings (less than 50 items) and boxes weighing 5 pounds or less can now be processed through ASUP Mail Services. Large mailings must still be processed through Mail Services in Tempe. ASUP Mail Services may not accept P-Card payments; therefore direct payment via internal purchase order is the accepted method of payment for this service.

More on postage
PUR 304-04 prohibits the use of P-Cards for postage and shipping. Departments are therefore required to order stamps through Mail Services (Tempe) using the Stamp/Postage Order Form. The form should be completed to include stamp quantity, denomination of stamps, and justification for stamp usage. Additionally, departments are responsible for establishing direct billing accounts (which can be facilitated on-line) with respective shipping providers (FedEx, UPS, etc.).

*For detailed information regarding University Mail Services Policies and Procedures, please refer to PUR 704:

Kevin Hunter
Mail Clerk Lead
Phone Number: 
(480) 727-1136
Fax Number: 
(480) 727-1138