Key and Sun Card Requests

Policies and Procedures:

To request a key:

To pick-up a key:

  • Requestor will receive an email that the key is ready.
  • Come to Poly Facilities Management 6045 S. Sagewood, north of the water tower.
    • Key pick up times are 8:30-11:00 a.m. and 1:00-4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday.
  • ASU picture ID (SUNCARD) required.
  • Keys must be picked up in person; no surrogates or substitutes.
  • Keys not picked up within 10-working days will be returned to stock and the form will be returned to the dept/unit marked unfilled.

To return a key:

  • Return key(s) to Poly FacMan.

To report lost or stolen Keys or Sun Cards:

  • Report a lost or stolen Sun Card immediately to the 24-hour hotline at 480-965-CARD (2273) or online by logging into your Sun Card account.
  • Report lost or stolen keys to the Facilities Management Department for each campus within 24 hours of the discovery of the loss or theft at 480-727-1110 or emailing
  • Contractors and vendors must report lost/stolen keys and cards immediately to the authorized ASU department contracting for their services.

ASU Polytechnic Key Policy:

  1. The Keyholder is personally accountable for all University keys issued to them.
  2. ASU Polytechnic key(s) may not be transferred to another party or returned to the department. All keys must be returned immediately and directly to ASU Polytechnic Facilities Management when they are no longer needed.
  3. ASU Polytechnic key(s) may not be reproduced (duplicated).
  4. ASU Polytechnic key(s) may not be loaned to another party.
  5. All key requestors are subject to the terms and conditions of ASU Police Department Policy – PDP 206
  6. Misuse of ASU keys is punishable under Arizona Revised Statutes §13-3715 as a class 3 misdemeanor, and is subject to administrative disciplinary action by the University.
  7. Loss of, or failure to return an assigned key, may make the Keyholder subject to a replacement fee.
  8. ASU Polytechnic reserves the right to charge the Keyholder for any rekeying due to the loss of an assigned key.
  9. Lost or stolen keys must be reported to ASU Polytechnic Facilities Management and ASU Police Department within 24 hours of discovery of the loss or theft.
  10. Broken or bent keys must be returned to ASU Polytechnic Facilities Management Office for replacement.
  11. ASU Polytechnic master and/or sub-master key requests require a Unit Master/Sub-Master Authorization Form in addition to the Key Control Form. Both forms require signatures from a Vice President or Dean.
  12. ASU Polytechnic does not issue master keys.  Access to master keys is provided solely through the ASU Polytechnic Facilities Management Key System when required justification and approvals are provided.
  13. ASU Polytechnic only issues keys to ASU employees or approved contractors. Contractor access to campus keys is provided solely through the ASU Polytechnic Facilities Management Key System.  Contractors are solely responsible for system access costs.

Key/Sun Card Authorization Form Information:

The purpose of the Key Authorization Form is to provide ASU Police and Poly Facilities Management with the name and signature of the administrator in each college/school/unit (Unit) authorized to approve access for space assigned to the Unit. Instructions for completing form.

  • A current Key/Sun Card Authorization Form for each Unit must be on-file with Poly FAC MAN before keys can be issued for that unit.
  • Each primary Unit head may decide one of two options:
    1. Submit one form for the entire Unit and retain all access approval authority at the primary Unit level.
    2. Submit one form for the primary Unit level and allow each department within the Unit to submit a separate form for their area.
  • Each Unit may authorize an additional delegate in their unit. Limiting delegates to one per unit increases security.
  • A NEW Key Authorization Form must be submitted annually or whenever one of the individuals listed on the form changes, whichever occurs first.

Sun Card entry through ISAAC secured doors:

Any faculty or staff needing access to doors and classrooms with the ISAAC locking system will need to complete the following item:

Each school/department will need a Key/Sun Card Authorization Form on file prior to keys being issued or Sun Cards being activated for ISAAC entry.

  • Each authorization form must have the appropriate signatures and two key/sun card coordinators.
  • One of the coordinators will become the ISAAC administrator.
  • The ISSAC administrator will need to complete an ISAAC System Administration Account Request form and return completed form to ISAAC Segment Manager at Poly FACMAN.

Unit Master Authorization Agreement Information:

Any faculty or staff needing access to a master or submaster key must complete a Master Key Authorization/Agreement form. Each form must included the following:

  • Forms must be signed by the applicable Dean or Vice President. Signature authority cannot be delegated.
  • Key Control Form for master/submaster must also be signed by Dean or Vice President.

Key System Checkout:

Any faculty or staff needing access to a Key System must complete a Key System Account Request Form.

Poly Facilities Management
Phone Number: 
(480) 727-1110
After Hours Emergency Contact
ASU Police
Phone Number: 
(480) 727-3456